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Did Germany just surpass 100% renewable power?

Just a week after approaching 90 percent renewable power or more, Germany may have reached 100% yesterday. But the data estimates are still moving.

JOURNALISTS: please check the bullet points below before reporting.

Just a week after reporting a peak of more than 90 percent renewable power, Agora now shows for the first time that green electricity may have briefly touched and slightly surpassed 100% yesterday. However, live stats are just guesstimates, and Agora's now shows slightly less than 90% (some 56 GW of 64.4 GW) on May 8. Here is the new chart for yesterday.

Agora Energiewende

Expect that chart to change over the next few days. If the past is any indication, the percentage will be revised downwards. And even then, Agora simply may be off. We won't know for certain until next year.

If you would like to write about this, remember the following:

The nuclear phaseout will help push off baseload by the end of 2022. Then, storage will increasingly be needed (starting with power to heat, not batteries).

Keep checking Agora's website to see how the guesstimate develops.

(Craig Morris / @PPchef)